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We love (the human side of) technology

Peliba represents the beginning of a new type of company. A company that from the outset embraces and revolves around core human values.

While it has become cliché to say that technology and its impact on society advance at a rapid pace, it sometimes feels as if basic values are undermined or forgotten in the process of developing and using new technology. Making new technology a goal, instead of a mean.

This result in societies and legal frameworks that have a hard time adapting to technology’s pace and the behavioral changes it demands. And while the pace of technological change is unlikely to slow, the relevancy of keeping human values in mind when using and creating technology has never been more important.

Peliba's mission is to help companies align technology with human values

We believe that every algorithm, design and functionality should be made with core human behavior and thinking in mind. And although we – as any other business or organization – are a product of our time, technologically and rationally, our humble hope and mission is to help bridge technology and people in new and smarter ways.


Mads Rodil

CEO & Co-founder

Rasmus Hjulskov

CTO & Co-founder

Jacob Georg Naur

Chief Legal Officer

Daniel Simão


Pedro Diniz


Ákos Pilis


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Advisory Board

Thomas Riisgaard Hansen

Entrepreneur, advisor & investor

at Kite Invent

Sune Busk

Head of Strategy

at Pravda A/S

Jakob Løkke Madsen

Digital Business Consultant


Per Tønsberg Frandsen

Assistant Director

at EY

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