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Data privacy laws are complicated. Complying with them doesn’t have to be. Peliba helps keep your compliance documentation dynamic and up to date. All in one tool.

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Accountability and compliance? Check!

Document Business Processes

Peliba gives you a bird’s-eye view of your business processes with the possibility to drill down into the details of your compliance documentation. Processes are easily adjusted to reflect an accurate perspective of your business, demonstrating compliance in a transparent manner.

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Integrate Best Practice without being an Expert in Privacy Law

Compliance by Design

Our team of lawyers and privacy experts have created a compliance knowledgebase, including whitelists of software providers along with technical and organizational measures you can implement today. Maintaining and updating your organization's policies, procedures, and guidelines has never been easier.

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Turn Data Protection into a Competitive Advantage

Increase Customer Loyalty

In a world with an increasing focus on data privacy and where customers easily pick and choose in which ecommerce shop to place their order, you need to differentiate from competitors. Our advice? Embrace data privacy as a competitive advantage and make your customers feel comfortable placing their order with you.

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Focus on Value Creating Activities

Empower Your Team

In a fast-moving and highly competitive environment, speed and agility is essential. However, moving fast and staying compliant doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. Peliba is made for teamwork and enables the organization to redesign and streamline processes, ensuring a dynamic and ongoing compliance documentation.

Move fast while staying compliant

Our solution is powered by a unique combination of legal expertise and powerful technology built for ecommerce operations at scale.

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